Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Second panel taking shape

Status, as of today.  Much left to do.  More layers of form and color over the infants.  More figures are likely as this panel develops.  The figure on the left will have his eyes open a bit when finished, and the hands and feet/legs will be more developed on the figure to the right.  Much more to go to get these figures to be more present in the context of the color fields.  Layers!  Glazes!  Still, I want there to be a lot of transparency and luminosity in the forms, abstract and yet also figurative. 

The theme of this second panel is individualism, growth, interdependence with the natural order.  It goes on the third floor beneath a wonderful sky light.   Hopefully, it will flow visually from the panel on the second floor as seen from the lobby, looking up into the stair well.

The rest of the shots in this post are progress shots, leading up to today.  

Laying in the first color fields with reference to the already finished panel.

Detail. What the field looked like at one stage.  Numerous layers were applied as glazes to achieve the desired complexity of color passages and implied textures.  

A check on the alignments with reference to the first panel.  Of particular interest is in getting the trees on the left to align properly.  

Detail.  Beginning to lay in the sky field with clouds

Very incomplete but moving along.  The relatively grey field at the bottom is actually a bit more blue but I am not satisfied.

Detail, working out the clouds.

Detail. Violet and red passages applied, which may have to be toned down once the surfaces is dry again.  

Detail. Status as of the end of work this morning.  Forms are too buried still, lack definition.  Trees are not yet in.  lower register is not fully developed.  

Reference painting showed to the committee as part of the proposal.

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