Monday, May 2, 2011

The First Panel is Finished

Today I am declaring this first panel complete, after having received very good advice and patient close scrutiny from the OSU, THA and OAC committee, many friends, colleagues, students and most importantly my partner, MarĂ­a Isabel.  Just this afternoon the final touch-ups and refinements were completed.

Though still untitled, this panel of the Hallie Ford Center mural cycle has to do with the chain and web of human relationships, including those with others in life, those that went before us that nevertheless continue to influence our lives and sense of self, our forefathers and mothers reaching into the primordial ground of our being, all embedded in, and composed of the landscape.
Panel #2 will deal with individual development.  It is primed and will be ready for the first color layers as soon as it is good and dry.  I hope to post images of that process within a couple of days.  The third, destined for the lobby of the Center, will deal with community in the broadest possible sense.

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