Friday, June 3, 2011

Fusion, Nascence

Getting close.  The eyes have been closed, happily in this case I think, the waves have radiated further and the trees are implicated in the cellularization of the whole.  
Here is a draft of the artist statement for signage at the mural site.  Thanks to Saralyn and of the OAC and Richard Settersten for wise suggestions and edits:

This three-part mural cycle is dedicated to the aims and aspirations of those who study and foster healthy children and families. In poetic form I have created imagery reflective of our collective need to explore and be mindful of the human condition.

This artwork was made possible by Oregon’s Percent for Art in Public Places program administered by the Oregon Arts Commission

Possible titles for the three panels are:

Lobby: “Community Writ Large"
2nd Floor:  “Inheritance, Relationships, Legacy"
3rd Floor: “Nascence”

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