Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Final adjustments, hearing suggestions from colleagues and students.

Today I had my dear friend John Gregory visit.  He made useful suggestions that I incorporated immediately.  Later a group of my student also came to see the work and they too made useful suggestions.  This weekend still more close friends will no doubt offer advise.  Since this project is, by spirit and intent, collaborative, all of these voices are welcomed wholeheartedly.

The large luminous busts have been glazed back a bit into the burnt siena field.  Some figures have been rendered more translucent, notably "the lovers".  The giddy girl (lower right) has been softened and glazes more into the field.   The tree trunks have been more fully developed in the upper few feet.  Here is the current status of the work, now very close to completion. The shot may be a bit too dark at the bottom but the other colors are reasonably accurate:

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