Monday, February 28, 2011

Finally, ready to go...

Most of February was taken with administrative, contract and insurance issues, clearing the way for the project to actually start.   As of today, the contract is signed and returned, the necessary liability insurance policy is in effect and the first shipment of materials has arrived, including the canvas (19 yards of 10' wide #12xx cotton duck), high-quality gesso to ground the canvas, and several gallons of high-quality acrylic medium.  The studio is being transformed to make way for the work.

This week gesso will be applied to at least one of the 10' x 16.5' of canvases, the 2nd story piece first. I have quite a bit to do to establish the background texture field, basic color passages and various measurements/marks before it will come off the floor and go on the wall for the rest of the creative work.  Photos to follow at intervals.

I had hoped to work on the 2nd and 3rd story pieces simultaneously, and the studio (24' x 36' with 12-14' walls can theoretically handle it, but given the excess of canvas necessary around the parameter to accommodate wrapping the stretcher bars later, it is impractical.  At it turns out, lines of sight and other working considerations, such as the rolling scaffolding, preclude working that way.   No worries.  I am just happy to be about to begin.

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